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Guide to Sapporo
Guide to Sapporo – In This Issue
Welcome and map

Introducing The ABTA Magazine Guide to Sapporo; plus, find your way around and get in touch

A destination like no other

Thanks to its varied climate, mellow natural surrounds, distinctive food culture and access to the countryside, Sapporo is unique

Video: Cinematic City Sapporo

The many attractions of Sapporo, such as the various seasons, the look of the town and its food are captured here.

Olympian efforts

Delving into Sapporo’s Olympic tradition and sporting history

Art and nature

Sapporo is packed with carefully manicured parks, city centre galleries and outdoor installations

Video: Welcoming Symphony

Performed by one of the most renowned orchestras in Japan, this piece introduces the charm of Sapporo along with the passing of the four seasons

Culinary capital

Ask a dozen Japanese what words come to mind when they think of Sapporo and “food” will invariably near the top of the list

A potted history

From native Ainu settlements to the 21st century city of today

Winter wonderland

There are six ski resorts within the city limits, plus plenty of other snow business

Spa trek

Why Jozankei Onsen has long proved to be a breath of fresh air for Sapporo’s city dwellers

Further afield

Head into deeper Hokkaido, where the neon-lit streets of the city feel a long, long way away

Sapporo in numbers

Infographic to come