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Guide to Tokyo
Guide to Tokyo – In This Issue
Editor’s letter

As well as the hi-tech, ultra-modern and urban, we can also find rural tranquillity, natural beauty, stunning coasts and ancient tradition, all in the same city.

Map and area guide

A brief introduction to Central and Western Tokyo

Area guides continued

From Northern Tokyo to the tranquil Izu Islands

Introduction to Tokyo

Welcome to a city of contrasts that defies the stereotypes

Tokyo in bloom

Parks and gardens are the perfect escape from the city streets

Video: Transforming Tokyo

Why you can find nature in Tokyo where you least expect it

Focus: Todoroki Keikoku Park

It’s hard to believe that this park, centred on a forested ravine, is 20 minutes from bustling Shibuya

Further afield: Tama

Covering more than 1,500 square kilometres, the Tama region is Tokyo’s best-kept secret

Further afield: the Izu Islands

Sunbathe on a quiet beach, trek around an active volcano and scuba dive among coral reefs

Further afield: The Ogasawara Islands

These incredible, unspoilt subtropical islands are the furthest outpost of Tokyo

Video: The History Channel

Discover Tokyo’s incredible wildlife

Feature: Street food

Experience it all, from deep fried rice cakes to rainbow coloured cheese toasties

Feature: Restaurants

Anthony Bourdain said that if he had to eat only in one city for the rest of his life, Tokyo would be it

Feature: Art

Tokyo’s art scene is diverse and dynamic, and very often the venues are just as artistic

Feature: Architecture

Tokyo has tried to preserve its historical buildings, but it really comes into its own with present-day architecture

Video: Discovery Asia

A city of transformations

Feature: History

The best ways to experience the more traditional side of the city

New openings: exciting new hotels

Tokyo has an amazing array of hotels for all budgets. Sam Ballard rounds up some of the best new arrivals on the scene

Tokyo: in numbers

The facts and figures behind Japan’s beguiling capital